Fantastic SUV no doubt

By Jaideep for Ford Endeavour 2014-2015

I have been driving this beast for 7 months now and I am very happy to note that I am fully satisfied and happy with the vehicle. I drive a Endeavour 3L 4X4 automatic. The driving is a pleasure and completely great in heavy traffic. It is very easy to maneuver and the sitting posture is great. I used to get back pain on long journeys in my early Tata Safari, but in this car I have never felt any discomfort in my back. Max I have driven in one shot is 7hours. The automatic transmission is very smooth any the pickup is just great. I can leave everyone in a cloud of dust by just one flick of my accelerator in a red light. The ride can be a bit bumpy but if I reduce tyre pressures to 30psi then the ride gets good. Also the turning raduis of this SUV is great and I have used it in busy roads in Bangalore, and I m very happy. I drive to office and back home every day in my Endeavour and get a mileage of 9.5KMPL every day. On highways I get around 11KMPL.

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