The jazzed up Jazz?

By Deepak Singh for Honda WRV 2017-2020

When the Honda Jazz came out, I was still in school and the car felt as if it was made for me. It looked so trendy and adorable on the road. I wanted it but then I saw how the market did not respond too well to it and I gave up the idea following the herd.

Last year, comes in the picture the Honda WR-V. I think to myself- oh is it the new Jazz? The side profile of the car surely says so. I took a test drive and gather more information. The car is a mini crossover, a legitimate one and is quite different from the Jazz. It has a more rugged look yet the bumper is neatly designed. The interiors are all black with minor hints of silver and the cabin is boxy and spacious.

This car comes with a sunroof. How cool is that for a car in this segment. The beige roof and black interiors give an airy and somewhat spacious feel to the insides of the car. The seats are soft and the music system is decent. No complaints.

The car handles city traffic really well but the suspension is a bit bouncy. It isn’t a car for the explorers, it’s a car for the family. Cruise along slow and steady.
It’s not completely a jazzed up jazz.
Am I going to buy it? No! I am an explorer.

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