Renault Captur- the new love?

By Chirag Jain for Renault Captur

Renault recently launched its 4th car in the Indian market and has positioned it above the Duster. This SUV crossover in its first look seems like a sporty version of the Honda Jazz but is definitely way different than it at a closer look. The car is far more good looking than its sibling duster and so I had to test drive just to get the gist of the new French thing.
With its curvaceous design, dynamic front and the overly sleek design, makes it look like a charmer on the road.

I drove the Platine Variant of the car which is the premium version of the Captur models. The charming interiors have the quilted leatherette seats. The console has a touch screen with audio and navigation similar to the Duster but there is no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto though. But Renault is working on that.

You drive it and it doesn’t feel dramatically different or outstanding from the Duster, but it sure has a more upmarket appeal. The car has simplicity, does well when put in difficult corners, accommodates you well and looks good while doing all that it does. The Platine Variant costs around Rs. 14 lakhs.

Is it worth owning? Could be!! But to each his own right!!

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